I am in a high risk category (immune compromised, lung condition). We feel it’s too dangerous for my husband to go into any stores right now, and we can’t get groceries delivered because there are no delivery dates available.  Then we heard about Oakland at Risk. Within an hour of submitting our request, Oakland at Risk matched us up with David! David is a wonderful young man who lives a block away. He and I chatted that same night and now he is on standby, ready to help with groceries and errands. Volunteers and recipients all follow strict safety protocols, which is reassuring. Suddenly, our stress and fear levels came down a notch. Can’t explain what it means to know that people are ready to help. - Christina S.

Melissa went shopping for me without even knowing my address. She called me after she had gotten everything on my list. It wasn't till then that I gave her my address. I left a check for her on my porch and didn't even get to meet her.


I am very grateful to your organization and the connection you made for me. This is a nightmare I never wanted to be in. I have always been totally independent, and it isn't easy having to rely on the kindness of total strangers. - Bonnie

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for creating this vital service. My volunteer helper has made staying safe possible for me–I had no one else to turn to. Your program has definitely given me a good feeling about my community. - Jason

I was matched with my volunteer early this week and he's made two shopping trips for me so far. It's a bit difficult for me to be in the high-risk group (I'm 69) and to be the recipient of special treatment like this. I've always been independent and tried not to ask for favors unless necessary. But, having gotten over that hurdle, I've very grateful for the assistance.


You've done a wonderful thing in putting this network together. - Edward