Oakland At Risk Match wants to spread
a message of hope and compassion by serving and loving our neighbors who are at risk of COVID-19.


At risk? Sign up to get assistance


A healthy young adult with low-risk factors? Sign up to be matched with an elder or immunocompromised member of our community who could use your
help over the next several weeks.

How Oakland At Risk Match Works

We are preparing for a potential community outbreak of Covid-19 in Oakland by identifying healthy adults under 60 whose risk factors are low and are willing to be paired with someone with high risk factors. Once a match is made, you and your match can coordinate delivery of essential supplies such as food and prescriptions and you can create a check in schedule by phone or other electronic method.



Please click the link above and we will match you with a low-risk volunteer who lives in your community and wants to help you by getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, and checking in every couple of days. 

We will match you with someone in your area as soon as a volunteer becomes available.

We care deeply about you and want you to remain healthy.  

Please click the link above to be matched with an elder neighbor in your community who is at high-risk so that you can help them through this. You can help your match by picking up groceries or prescriptions, delivering a homemade meal, a book, or simply being intentional about checking in every couple of days.

Oakland is full of loving, compassionate, and kind people. Thank you for your generous help in this difficult time of social distancing.


Please keep in mind that this initiative is being run by private citizens. We do not have the funds or the capacity to run background checks or screen participants beyond a friendly phone call. We are trusting that the people of Oakland will continue to be good, honest and kind to one another.


**By completing the sign up form to be matched you agree that you accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any facilitator associated with OaklandAtRiskMatch.com harmless.

How You Can Help

Once a match is made, you and your COVID-19 Match will take complete ownership of the process. The idea behind Oakland at Risk Match is to connect vulnerable people to those who are at low risk for COVID-19 that are willing and able to help in this time of recommended social distancing. When you meet your match what you do and how often you do it is completely up to you.

Some Recommended Ideas: 

- Call every couple of days to check in  

- Offer to pick up groceries or prescriptions 

- Deliver a prepared meal from a restaurant

- Bring your match a book


We take the privacy of your personal information very seriously and we will only use the data that you provide to match you with an Oakland At Risk Match that also lives in your community. Once we have made a match you will receive an email or a phone call with contact information for your Oakland At Risk Match. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to send us an email at OaklandAtRisk@gmail.com

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